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POS Restaurant Software    

On-Site System Setup, Training and Support
On-site service is available directly from Affortable POS Solution. Call (603) 448-2110 for details.

Menu Builder Training CD

Menu design in even the easiest POS system can be intimidating. Point of Success software includes extensive information on menu design in its user manual and help, and more information is now available from the Menu and Setup Training multimedia CD!

Insert this CD to view detailed menu design training:

  • Step-by-step setup for more than 25 menu item examples
  • Watch the video on your computer screen with audio narration from the instructor
  • Includes more than a dozen tips and shortcuts for more effective menu design
  • Well over three hours of video with a custom player that lets you watch only what you need to see
Your Training on Your Schedule

View one segment or the entire training presentation using the training navigator below. Purchase the Menu Builder Training CD and get over three hours of training that's ready when you are.

POS Benefits
Saves Time Saves Time
Calculates Prices Calculates Prices
Eliminates Mistakes Eliminates Mistakes
Tracking Coupons & Promos Tracking Coupons & Promos
Tracking Orders Tracking Orders
Theft Prevention Theft Prevention
Financial Reporting Financial Reporting
Employee Time Keeping Employee Time Keeping
Driver / Order Dispatching Driver / Order Dispatching
Processes Credit Cards Processes Credit Cards
Gives You Control Gives You Control
Is EASY To Learn & Use Is EASY To Learn & Use
Enjoy the benefits and cost savings of having a Point of Sale System for your Business!
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Click the title of the video segment to play one segment, select a segment to play
by clicking the check box on each item, or play the entire training CD like a movie.

Point Of Sale Features
POS Additional Features Restaurant POS Software Order Entry Order Entry POS Additional Features Order Tracking
POS Additional Features Improving Efficiency POS Additional Features Preventing Theft POS Additional Features Business Reporting
POS Additional Features Effective Marketing POS Additional Features Delivery Dispatch POS Additional Features Pizza Delivery Mapping
POS Additional Features Employee Time Clock POS Additional Features Caller ID POS Additional Features Employee Scheduling
POS Additional Features Table Management POS Additional Features Credit Card Processing POS Additional Features Gift Card Processing
POS Additional Features Fingerprint Login POS Additional Features Menu Training CD POS Additional Features FoodCost Pro
POS Additional Features Central Office Reporting Complete List Of Features (pdf)
Point Of Sale Solution
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Affordable Point of Sale Solution
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