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Process Credit Cards and Gift Cards

We offer two options for built-in credit card processing. Select Mercury Payment Systems as your processor and get free gift card processing!

No more terminals!

Credit card sales are easier when your POS system has built-in credit card support. When you process credit cards with our solution, every computer on your network can be a credit card terminal.

Choose the best option for your restaurant:

  • Open a merchant account through Mercury Payment Systems, the preferred credit card processor
  • Continue with your current credit card processor by using PCCharge Payment Server software with Point of Success PCCharge Connector software
  • No matter which method you choose, credit card processing in Point of Success offers these advantages:

POS Benefits
Saves Time Saves Time
Calculates Prices Calculates Prices
Eliminates Mistakes Eliminates Mistakes
Tracking Coupons & Promos Tracking Coupons & Promos
Tracking Orders Tracking Orders
Theft Prevention Theft Prevention
Financial Reporting Financial Reporting
Employee Time Keeping Employee Time Keeping
Driver / Order Dispatching Driver / Order Dispatching
Processes Credit Cards Processes Credit Cards
Gives You Control Gives You Control
Is EASY To Learn & Use Is EASY To Learn & Use
Enjoy the benefits and cost savings of having a Point of Sale System for your Business!
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  • Swipe a credit card when the card is present or key the account number for phone orders
  • Require the last four digits of the credit card number to be keyed to reduce exposure to counterfeit cards
  • Verify cardholder address and validate card ID numbers to reduce fraudulent transactions and charge-backs
  • Preauthorize charges, then include tips in a follow-up transaction
  • Use one point of communication (one computer runs the credit card server) for all credit card transactions in the system
  • Use safe, encrypted Internet communication (with Mercury Payment Systems and PCCharge Payment Server) or standard telephone dial-up authorization (with PCCharge Payment Server only)
Mercury Payment Systems

Mercury Payment Systems specializes in credit card processing integrated in point of sale systems. Some of Mercury's benefits include:

  • Software for processing with Mercury Payment Systems is included at no charge in Point of Success Standard and Point of Success Premium software version 2.2 and above
  • Mercury's fees can be very competitive, in many cases offering merchants substantial savings over their current processor
  • Delivery restaurants can use two merchant accounts with Mercury (one for dine-in or carry-out when a card is present, and a separate account for delivery telephone orders) to save on processing and discount fees
  • Rapid merchant approval
  • Easier end-to-end technical support services from both the Point of Success and Mercury Payment Systems technical support groups
  • Gift card processing is free when you use Mercury Payment Systems for your credit card processing
For additional information about Mercury Payment Systems, contact your Point of Success dealer or Point of Success staff at (800) 752-3565.

Processing Using PCCharge Payment Server

Using PCCharge Payment Server, merchants can, in most cases, stay with their current credit card processor. See the PCCharge web site for details on this software.

Important: Before purchasing PCCharge Payment Server and the Point of Success PCCharge Connector, contact your credit card processor to confirm that they support restaurant credit card processing with tips for your merchant account. Some processors will place credit card terminals in restaurant businesses that connect with processing locations that do not process tips normally. You should also check the PCCharge certified credit card processors list for this same information. If your processor does not support restaurant businesses with tips or if your merchant account is not set up for tips, you will not be paid for tips on credit card orders when using PCCharge Payment Server.

The following are required for processing with PCCharge Payment Server:

  • Purchase PCCharge Payment Server software through your Point of Success dealer or other source (PCCharge Payment Server is required, other versions of PCCharge are not supported)
  • Purchase Point of Success PCCharge Connector software
IMPORTANT: Gift card processing in Point of Success is not available when using PCCharge Payment Server.

PCI/PABP Compliance

The PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, also known as Payment

Application Best Practices Data Security Standard) was developed to improve security for credit card processing. Point of Success credit card processing is designed with these security standards in mind:

  • The full content of any track of the magnetic stripe is never stored
  • The only information from the credit card that is ever stored is the card number and expiration date
  • The card number is stored with strong encryption for a short period of time to facilitate void transactions
  • Encrypted card numbers are automatically purged after 10 days
  • The card validation code (three or four digit number printed on the back or front of the card) is never stored
  • Full card numbers are never displayed to system users after they are entered
  • Card numbers printed on receipts are obscured (masked) with the exception of the last four digits
  • The decryption key for the card number is not available to any user or technical service supplier
In consideration of these elements, Point of Success software is compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard version 1.1.

Protection of credit card information involves much more than just the point of sale software you use. Other elements include setting up and maintaining a secure network, internal business security practices, and using a PCI compliant credit card processor. It is a merchant's responsibility to ensure that all the data security standards are met.

Get more information about and read the complete PCI DSS at this web site:

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