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CentralPoint Central Office Reporting

Use in chain or franchise restaurant and bar locations to report financial information to headquarters. Can be used in any size of organization.

  • Transfer daily financial summary information
  • Send customer information and purchase activity for central office marketing
  • Schedule, produce and deliver any Point of Success report via email
  • Sends Financial Information to Headquarters
Key financial information is transferred to headquarters from each location in a chain or franchise organization. Requires only a simple, affordable email account at each remote location and at the central office. Information is automatically sent daily or weekly via email. This transfer can be scheduled to occur at any point, usually at night.

Enables Headquarters-Based Marketing

Customers and their purchase information are transferred to headquarters automatically with each financial batch. Customer information is aggregated at headquarters for email or postal mail marketing. Available marketing reports include good customer mailing list, new customer mailing list, email export, mailing list export, lazy and lost customer mailing lists and reports, and more.

Schedule, Produce and Send Any Point of Success Report

Any standard Point of Success report can be produced and emailed at any time of the day or night. Use this feature to gather specialized information or even to get hourly sales and expense updates. File format types available include .PDF, .CSV, and many other formats.

POS Benefits
Saves Time Saves Time
Calculates Prices Calculates Prices
Eliminates Mistakes Eliminates Mistakes
Tracking Coupons & Promos Tracking Coupons & Promos
Tracking Orders Tracking Orders
Theft Prevention Theft Prevention
Financial Reporting Financial Reporting
Employee Time Keeping Employee Time Keeping
Driver / Order Dispatching Driver / Order Dispatching
Processes Credit Cards Processes Credit Cards
Gives You Control Gives You Control
Is EASY To Learn & Use Is EASY To Learn & Use
Enjoy the benefits and cost savings of having a Point of Sale System for your Business!
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Two software pieces bring it all together:
  • CentralPoint Headquarters - Receives information sent from remote locations. Produces financial reports and manages marketing lists. Used in the headquarters location.
  • CentralPoint Remote - Automatically sends financial data, customer information and reports. Used in each store location. Remote can be used alone to schedule, produce and email reports without the need for a Headquarters module on the receiving end. Imagine receiving up-to-the-minute sales information on your email-equipped mobile phone or through your personal email account whenever you want to see it!
Headquarters and Remote modules are sold separately.

CentralPoint Headquarters Screen Samples

Central office reporting is in reach for every restaurant or bar enterprise. Sales
summary information and customer purchase history for central office marketing are
transferred through an ordinary email account. Transfers from remote locations are
scheduled for automatic delivery to headquarters either daily or weekly.

CentralPoint works for franchise or chain restaurants and bars with a virtually
unlimited number of locations. Financial reporting and marketing functions are
available for individual stores or the entire organization.

CentralPoint reporting and data export features provide financial information and
marketing tools to help make an organization more successful. Includes financial
summary reports by location or for the entire organization, and marketing tools
for maximizing customer relationships using postal mail and email.

CentralPoint Remote Screen Samples

CentralPoint Remote is always running, but is visible only in the system tray near the
clock. Use this window to manage all communication sent from a local store to headquarters.
No interaction is required at the remote location to send scheduled information.

Sales summary data and customer purchase data is sent to headquarters through an
ordinary email account. Use this window to enter the address of the outgoing email server.

Use this window to schedule automatic data transfers
to the Headquarters module once a day or once a week.

CentralPoint Remote can also schedule and
deliver any Point of Success report via email.

Required Email Technology

CentralPoint Headquarters requires a standard POP3 email account to receive data transferred from Remote modules. Webmail is not supported for receiving financial or customer data transferred from Remote modules.

CentralPoint Remote requires access to a standard SMTP outbound email server for sending data to the Headquarters module and for emailing scheduled reports. Webmail is not supported for sending data or reports from the Remote module.

Receiving Emailed Reports - The CentralPoint Remote module can produce Point of Success reports and email them to any email address. These reports can be received and viewed with any email account, including webmail accounts. The receiving device must be able to view .pdf files to access the information.

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